Mara Jone, DNM
Mara Jones, DNM

When you drink a cup of tea, you want it all….

 …exceptional tastes, luscious scents and gorgeous colours.  You want a tea that contains high quality ingredients (with no nasty additives), grown in an ethical manor and blended by someone knowledgeable.

At Urban Earth Teas, we get it, and we agree!

Urban Earth Teas offers organic, loose leaf teas that contain no artificial additives – just fresh, high quality ingredients that guarantee outstanding taste and therapeutic qualities. Tea ingredients are ethically wild-crafted or are sourced from certified organic farms throughout the world.  All blends are created by Doctor of Natural Medicine, Mara Jones, who has over 15 years custom blending experience and is passionate about creating blends that are as gorgeous as they are good for you.

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I first became interested in blending teas while training as a clinical herbalist.  What first began as a convenient way to administer herbal remedies, soon became more of an outlet for creativity.  Putting together a blend that simply “got the job done” just wasn’t enough.  I wanted to create a blend that was not only therapeutically effective – but that tasted good, and looked beautiful! 

When my daughter was born, I decided to step away from my private practice for a couple of years and develop the retail aspect of my business (as this was something I could do from home).   This gave me the opportunity to start experimenting with different types of teas, such as black and green teas, rooibos and maté (not to mention fruits, nuts, citrus rinds…oh my!).  Having a newborn also gave me a new appreciation of caffeinated beverages….

Although I have now re-opened my private practice, I continue to create new blends, and find new ways to combine tastes, aromas and colours.  To me, each blend not only has its own unique flavour, but its own personality.  Each blend starts with an idea.  Sometimes I want to create a blend that has a particular therapeutic quality (like digestive or immune support)…. Sometimes I’m looking to create a certain taste (like a lemon meringue pie, or an after eight mint)….and sometimes I’m looking to create a tea with a specific theme (like a tea that represents Canada, or Powell River, or a team’s colours).  Once I’m clear on the purpose of a blend, I gather my ingredients and let creativity flow.  While taste is of course the most important component, I absolutely LOVE using different colours and textures to create a tea the looks as beautiful as it tastes.

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MORE ABOUT MARA (the boring third-person version)

Mara Jones is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and Clinical Herbal Therapist based in Powell River and working remotely with clients across the country.  With a background in Western herbal medicine, nutrition, and aromatherapy, Mara provides a unique, yet simple approach to healthcare.  Her passion is working with those who struggle to balance self-care with the other demands of life, as well as those with fatigue, stress and sleep disorders.

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